Dollhouse Design

Accessories for the perfectly imperfect

Since 2000 we’ve offered a unique and alternative shopping experience in our locally owned and operated store. We do things a little differently at Dollhouse Designs, so come visit and browse our great selection.

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Our Products

Just a small look into what Dollhouse Designs has on offer. Explore the site for our full range.

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Make Up Clutch/Purse

Unique range of customizable all purpose clutches. Useful as a purse, a clutch, a make up bag or anything else that fits your imagination. Contact us to see what materials we have available.

Kids Ties

Exceptionally made with the same high quality fabric as our masks, these kids ties are a parents dream. Velcro strapped so they're both easy to put on and take off!

Skulls and Roses Kids Tie.jpg


hair Bows! Exceptionally crafted, same high quality material as our ties and masks. Unique designs and able to be customized.

Covid Masks

These are not only exceptionally well made but are COVID-19 friendly- being four layered rather than the necessary three as well as having a slip for a filter insert. While not our main focus anymore Dollhouse still does take requests.

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We're happy to converse with the customer and try and get the -perfect- look for them. Send us a message and have a chat.


A Bit About Us

We started in 2010 in hair as a hair stylist and furthered our careers. Then later as a hobby and side gig we shifted into accessories and fashion. Now, as many other businesses have, we moved forward in 2020 to bring these beautiful designs to the public for purchase more consistently and as a proper business online.

We endeavor to always be open with communication and questions, especially so during the Covid pandemic.